Representaciones Osumar adapts to the needs of each client in the provision of services and products subject to strict quality controls.
We are always on the lookout for the following products.
• Langoustines / King prawns • Surimi / Prawns / Monkfish • Moroccan produce/ Baby squid / Squid • Mushrooms / Fruit / Tinned food • Frozen / Pasteurised snails • Egg Loafs / Crepes • Pre-cooked produce • Tortillas • Cakes / Ice cream

Our mission and purpose is to provide good services in the following areas:
• Supplying goods to guarantee continuous service and visiting supplier warehouses in order to verify the quality of the goods.
• Organising freight schedules according to orders and services.
• Providing comprehensive documentation of the whole process.
• Tracking the goods up to their arrival with the client, with presence in the place of destination in case of any problems or claims.
• Providing impartial quality reports should they be required.
• Sales strategy (suitable countries, areas and time of year for distribution according to varieties, calibre and quality).
• Payment and collection insurance (COFACE).